Mostar – The Old Bridge

The old town, which dates back to the period of the Turkish rule, has always been the main attraction in Mostar. Built as a compact core, this part of the city is ideal for walking.

A one-day tour is enough to visit most of the tourist sights. Mostar, as well as London itself, has a large number of cafes where you can find a little shade after a walk under the hot sun of Hercegovina.

The fascinating charm of the old town, especially around the Neretva, captures you in one place for a few hours while enjoying the view and absorbing the sounds. Unlike other world cities, nobody here will ask you to go even if you sit there for a few hours and drink coffee.

The reconstruction of the old town is almost complete, and countless countless boilers and artisans are still worthy of it, as well as several remarkable antique stores.

The oldest bridge in Mostar is Kriva Ćuprija on the river Radobolja

The bridge was built by Turkish architect Ćejvan Ketoda in 1558. It is believed that this bridge was built as a test bridge before the construction of the Old Bridge. The Old Bridge was completed in 1566. when it came to the title of the greatest architectural achievement built during the Turkish rule in the Balkans. No matter how many times you’ve crossed the Old Bridge, every move is a thrilling experience.

This stone bridge was built on the original bridge over Neretva four hundred years ago, built according to Hajrudin, a student of one of Turkey’s greatest Sinan builders. The length of the vault is 28.7 meters, ie 21 meters above the level of the Neretva River. For the bridge keeper, two towers, Halebija and Tara, were built during the Turkish rule as a weapon warehouse.

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