Waterfall Kravice

In the place where the river Trebižat divides and falls from a height of almost 30 meters, there are magnificent waterfalls, which many, if not by then, at least in beauty, are compared with the Nijagara waterfalls


The waterfall of Kravica, on the 50 km long river Trebižat, is just one example of how much nature was abundant in Bosnia and Herzegovina and which the natural wealth gave to it. A crystal clear and clear turquoise water surrounded by greenery, hitting the rock creates an amphitheatric amphitheater of 120 meters with a natural pool at the foot of the lake.

This incredibly inspirational sight attracts about 200,000 tourists a year, including the largest number of visitors from Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and neighboring Croatia. In the summer months, when quiet, gentle and peaceful, the River Trebižat visits more than 2,000 fans of swimming, rafting and canoeing daily, and those who seek to escape from the heat and the heat. In the winter, the dreary, cold and windy, the tiny river turns into a dangerous but still attractive and inspirational one.

Along the whole flow of the river Trebižat, especially around the waterfall of Kravica, there were once a number of flour mills and a roller coaster. Today, these stone mills are mostly standing by the river as a reminder of ancient times, and little that is still in function. The experience of visiting the Kravica waterfalls completes a nearby small cave, open on both sides and rich in calcium stalactites, and a beauty of the seductive creations and vegetation surrounding the waterfall itself.

This natural wealth is located in Studenci, near Ljubuski, about 40 kilometers from Mostar and certainly belongs to one of the most interesting natural sights of the region.



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